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5 Reasons Why Meeting and Conference Rooms in Coworking Spaces Are the Hot Choice for Professionals

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The way we work is changing. Corporate desks and cubicles have been replaced with shared workspaces.

Flexibility in work location is common.  Offsite meetings, training sessions, client meetings and team gatherings from around the nation is typical.

Corporate personnel, as well as entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs, opt for easy-in/easy-out options that don’t require a long-term contract.

Today, there are several options for on-demand conference rooms which are filling in the gap for professionals.

Here are the top benefits for hosting an offsite meeting at a coworking conference room and how to choose one that works for you.

1. Coworking Spaces Offer Personalized and Professional Service   

Before our shared economy, business owners, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs would check with a local hotel for their meeting needs. Hotels have conference spaces for rent, but their services are usually tailored for large-scale events and require food minimums.

Coworking and Shared workspaces have Community Managers to help you get set up for meeting success. These dedicated managers help you select the right-sized space, handle equipment needs, and can assist with catering options. Plus, many have amenities like a coffee service or snacks. In short, whether you are hosting a two-person interview or a fifteen-person training session, you get white-glove service.

2. Shared Spaces Deliver Cost-Effective Conference and Meeting Room Rentals 

Conference and meeting rooms at Coworking, Shared and Flexible workspaces provide as-needed access for minimal cost. By choosing this option, you not only pay as needed, but many spaces allow you to cater your own food rather than having a minimum food charge which is typical at hotel type venues.

Most coworking conference rooms come fully equipped with whiteboards and projectors or Smart TVs.  Be sure and ask if it is included in the price or an extra charge for these features.

3. Shared Spaces Specialize in Right-Sized Options for Your Needs

Shared conference rooms can be chosen according to your meeting needs. Whether you need to meet with your team of four or have a training session for twelve with an additional breakout space, you can choose the conference room and additional space that meets your specific needs.

4. Meeting at a Coworking Conference Room Allows You to Keep Your Private Conversations Private

Interviews and team or client meetings hosted at an offsite meeting space allows you to keep sensitive information private.  By hosting a team meeting offsite, distractions are also minimized.

For entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who work from a home office, renting a conference room allows for focused and private conversations in a professional environment.

5. Shared Offices are Set-Up for Easy Access and Easy Online Scheduling

One of the benefits of connecting with a Coworking and Shared Office space are the online tools that make scheduling easy.  Typically, once you have used the space an initial time you are in the online system and can access the meeting room calendar, see your available options, schedule the conference room of your choice and pay in just a few clicks.  It makes planning your next training event, client meeting, interview or team gathering a breeze.


At the LIFT Office, we’ve made hosting meetings easy for you.

Easy Access.

Easy Scheduling.

Easy Parking.

Our Community Managers are here to greet you and your guests and to help you get set up for meeting success.  Whether hosting two or twelve, we’ve made the LIFTing easy for you!

Want to learn more about LIFT Office?

Call us at 817-416-7170 or email us at  We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you set up for your next meeting.

Gathering from across the nation or the DFW Metroplex?

We are located in the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – just 2.7 miles from the DFW Airport.

Stop by and we’ll take you on a tour and let you office free for a day. We’d love to help you select a conference room or office space that allows you to work and grow your business.


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