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4 Reasons Why this Business Owner Chose a Virtual Office

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It is increasingly common to operate a startup from home. The advancements in technology have allowed business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to do many things from the comfort of their kitchen tables and home offices. However, there are some downsides to this working arrangement. Brenda Tosso, Brenda’s Adventure Travel, learned firsthand the need for a virtual office.

A (Fairly) Funny Surprise

As the owner of a luxury travel service, Brenda gets up early to connect with people all over the world. On a typical day, Brenda’s day starts at 4:00 a.m. She works from her kitchen table in the comfort of her pajamas. Her early morning workday can move along quickly, and many days she can still be working from her kitchen late into the morning.

One morning, Brenda’s doorbell rang. She looked up and realized it was already 10:00 a.m Brenda opened the door to greet an older gentleman who was holding a piece of mail. She thought it might be a neighbor returning a piece of misplaced mail. Instead, it was a customer who was holding one of her travel mailings.

Brenda invited the man in (while she’s still in her PJ’s) and booked a cruise for him and his friends. While this time everything turned out okay, Brenda realized it would be wise to connect her business with an office for privacy and professionalism.

But don’t just take my word for it, hear Brenda share her story of her surprise visitor. 

You May Be Wondering: What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office environment saves spending on office space.  It appeals to many startups and home-based businesses because it offers a more professional image, personal privacy and security, and the flexible lifestyle you desire.

Virtual Office options include:

  • Professional Business Address
  • Mail Service – Either Local Pickup or Digital Mail
  • Coworking Passes
  • Meeting Room Availability
  • Local and Dedicated Receptionist

Four Benefits of a Virtual Office

There are several benefits to having a Virtual Office and separating your home address from your business address.

Cost Effective

A Virtual Office allows you to work from your home and use a professional address for your LLC registration, business cards, letterhead, and mail. It also allows access to Conference Rooms to meet with your clients or your team.

Real Flexibility and Choice

You may start by working at home and only using the mail and business address service. However, as your company grows, you have a professional office to grow your business. With month-to-month terms and a variety of options, you can custom design an office plan with the ability to scale at your own pace.

Professional Brand Image

While many business owners can work from home, businesses connected with a professional office are viewed as more stable which increases customer confidence. Customers want to see an address on your website, invoices and billings. They can also Google the address and see that you have an impressive office where you work.

Privacy & Security

No matter your business, most people don’t want their customers or suppliers showing up on their front doorstep unannounced. When you have a virtual office address, you’ll never have to worry about interruptions by untimely deliveries or people coming unexpectedly. It also gives separation of the personal from the professional.

The Rest of the Story

Several months after Brenda setup her Virtual Office, one of her happy customers was driving by the LIFT Office and sent her a text that read, “Hey, I was just driving down Texan Trail and saw your office!” And that was a (very) happy surprise.


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