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What’s Next: A Hybrid Workspace Emerges

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“Evolution is never easy, but we often emerge with something better than we had before.”

The Evolving Office

Prior to the pandemic, there was already a shift in how we office. Subsequently, corporations were abandoning the requirement of working in-office and embracing the remote option as a means of providing flexibility as an employee benefit and the opportunity to save capital.

The pandemic forced corporations to embrace work from home (WFH) at warp speed and proved that it is feasible and productive for many people.

 Embracing the Remote Office

Currently, tech giants, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter have encouraged employees to continue to work remote. Twitter has announced they will keep many employees remote even after the threat of the coronavirus has passed.

With a large percentage of workforces currently at home, employers are learning how to maintain their culture among people who no longer see each other regularly. Similarly, companies are offering virtual happy hours, game nights, and online movie review sessions to build relationships and get to know each other outside of work.

Lasting Consequences

As workspaces transition, there will, of course, be long term consequences.  This “remote-as-normal” will allow more employees to consider moves to the suburbs or remote resort communities – previously out of reach due to the difficult commute.

Furthermore, companies who are being hit hard by the global impact of the pandemic are now looking for a way to cut costs. A hybrid model of both in-office and remote work is likely to become normal.

Flex Workspace

Providing a Hybrid Solution:  A Third Office

Corporations around the world have been thrust into the greatest work-from-home experiment ever undertaken. Ultimately, an organization’s ability to experiment, find new solutions, and adapt will determine its success.

Providing a hybrid workspace for employees to office at home, come to the corporate office when needed, and have a third office at a Flexible Office Space can benefit both the company and employee.

The potential benefits to the corporation are the opportunities to:

  • Reduce capital expense and footprint of large office space.
  • Source talent from places with lower costs of living.

Benefits of a hybrid solution for WFH employee are:

  • An escape from home distractions.
  • A break from WFH isolation.
  • Reduced commute time which also reduces the carbon footprint.

LIFT Office as a Flexible Hybrid Solution

“As a hybrid workplace emerges in the post-pandemic environment, and organizations roll out a distributed work strategy with both physical and remote locations, coworking and flexible spaces are poised to play a vital role in the transition and economic recovery.”

Flexibility and agility are more important than ever in times of uncertainty. The LIFT Office is a coworking and flexible workspace which allows you to fluctuate with the market. It allows businesses to manage costs without major consequences.  AT LIFT Office,  members can choose from a variety of personal workspaces including private offices, dedicated desks, coworking space, virtual offices, private videoconference call rooms, and spacious meeting space.

 The Takeaway:  Evolution is never easy, but for those who choose to adapt and transform the way they approach the workspace, they can emerge with a flexible, hybrid solution that is better for both the company and employee.


About LIFT Office


The distributed workforce is here to stay.  LIFT Office is here when you need the flexibility to scale, increased productivity, a professional office, and address, or an escape from distractions or isolation when working from home.

We design our memberships to offer you a professional workspace without the overhead costs of a traditional office.

We are located in the center of DFW at 1090 Texan Trail in Grapevine, Texas. Just 3 miles from the DFW Airport.

Want more information?  Call us at 817-416-7170.  Email us at info@theliftoffice.com. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a tour for you!

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