LIFT Speaks Episode 24 with Ryan Wilkerson, RevGrow: Rapid Fire Questions: Finding Your “Why” in Your Work

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Welcome to the LIFT Office and our twenty-fourth episode of LIFT Speaks, stories of what people do and their impact on the world. Today we are visiting with, Ryan Wilkerson, RevGrow. Ryan looks for the “why” in his work and finds joy in supporting his clients with integrity and helping their businesses grow.


Catherine Miller: Welcome to LIFT. Stories of what people do and their impact on the world. Today I’m visiting with LIFT member, Ryan Wilkerson and Ryan is with REV Grow. Tell us. Take 30 seconds and tell us what REV grow does.

Ryan Wilkerson: I’m an account manager at Rev Grow and essentially we provide a steady flow of quality leads through Linkedin marketing. I do everything from optimizer profile on LinkedIn. I get you in front of your target audience through a database search which we build through Sales Navigator and we do message scripts to through everything through your voice and it’s essentially everything is a done-for-you service. Everything from the start to the end. However long you are with us.

Catherine Miller: I can use that service. Now I have this little mouse told me that you do something on the weekends that is totally different from REV Grow. What is that?

Ryan Wilkerson: I DJ. I’m a DJ for weddings. It is something I started back in college back in the good old days. Getting a little bit older. No, I am. But I try to relive the glory days. I’ve been doing weddings. I do corporate events. That’s just something I do on the weekends. I’ve actually been taken a little bit easy because it’s quite strenuous having to deal with some bridezillas here and there.

Catherine Miller:  I’m sure you do have a little bit of trouble.

Ryan Wilkerson: Hey, love to all of them. It’s a big day of love.

Rapid Fire Questions

Catherine Miller: That’s right. You get to leave and it’s good for you. I have for you what I call my rapid fire questions. Just off the cuff. Just answer what first pops into your head. Ready? Okay. First rapid fire question. Describe your best day.

Ryan Wilkerson: Describe my best day. I’d say waking up on time before morning or noon. I’m waking up making a good breakfast. Hopefully, I have a significant other. I don’t have one right now, but I could see one hopefully in the near future being by my side, and having a couple of little mini Ryan Wilkerson Juniors. I’ve been wanting kids forever. My mom always makes jokes of it but just spending a day with my family. I’m going to the park or going to Six Flags or going to a sporting event. Just spending time with my family and sharing some good laughs, some good quality time.

Catherine Miller: Cool. I love that. I agree. That’s a good way to spend a day. What’s your key to productivity?

Ryan Wilkerson: Got to start off the day with a cup of coffee. I think we all can agree with that and starting my day off with little Jesus time. I think that’s really important and something that I really strive to do. The biggest thing for me that I’ve noticed that’s been a key in my productivity is being very organized. Throughout college, that was a key to getting above average grades, but growing up my mom was always very strict with me and cleaning my room before I go to school and making my bed. It really starts off just where you wake up and kind of where you get your day started. I think that really aligns how the rest of your day goes.

Catherine Miller: I think you’re right. In fact, a guy wrote a book, and one of the keys to it was taking your children to make their bed.

Ryan Wilkerson: I hated it forever, but it turned out to actually work, so Kudos to my mom.

Catherine Miller: Rapid question number three. What is one foundational business principle that you are committed to executing?

Ryan Wilkerson: Integrity. I think that’s really important. That also kind of goes back to productivity. Just your client relationships that you build. Anybody that you interact with, anything that you do on a daily basis, as long as you’ve got a high level of integrity with yourself, it’s gonna give you the momentum and the tools that you need to finish the day and perform your work to a high level and also build a successful background.

Catherine Miller: Continue it forward. Number four. Do you have a personal and or business mission statement or overall philosophy?

Ryan Wilkerson: I would say for me personally, and I don’t want to sound too religious, but the Bible verse Joshua 1:9 says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged for the Lord. Your God will be with you wherever you go.” That’s been something that’s been really profound to me personally outside of business and in business. It actually goes back to the productivity, organization, and integrity. Just knowing that no matter what part of day I’m at, I’ve got the strength I need to move forward and you know the Lord’s right by my side. That’s really something that would be my personal and business mission statement.

Catherine Miller: I like that one. Where do you find the greatest joy or in your work, in your day? What energizes you and your work?

Ryan Wilkerson: Music. Which goes back to being a DJ. I listen to music every single day while I work. Sometimes I forget my headphones, which is frustrating, but when I listened to music it really gets my mind focused and gets my mind off other things that could be a distraction. Whether it’s upbeat EDM music, country music, Christian music, whatever it is, I’ve always found that it relaxes me. It soothes me and keeps me really focused and concentrated. That’s really what energizes me. I listen to music every day to and from work, during work and the shower when I’m singing. I wish I had a voice, but I don’t.

Catherine Miller: Wow. So all kinds of music. It can have words, no words. All kinds of music.

Ryan Wilkerson: Anything instrumental, which also is a great kind of something that you can listen to in the background. Especially studying back in college.

Catherine Miller: Right? I can’t listen to music. It’s totally distracting to me. It would have to be instrumental. I could do instrumental, but I can’t do anything other than that. I’ll want to sing or dance. I haven’t seen a whole nother story. That’s because you don’t have the music on. Rapid question number six. You Ready? What impact do you hope your work has beyond making money?

Ryan Wilkerson: I think it really is important to, to know who you’re working for and why you’re working for them. Understanding the why behind what you do and that starts anywhere from the bottom of an intern to the top of the ladder to the CEO, whoever has holds the highest position.

Ryan Wilkerson: I’m providing a service for these CEOS, CFOS, VPs of these companies who are coming to us to build their business and to generate revenue. If I’m doing that and I’m succeeding at that, it goes back to their families and to their children, and even beyond that. They’re building a foundation through their company. They have a why as well. If you are working together and I’m performing well and succeeding. Then they are going to succeed and perform well. It’s really focusing what your why is. When we can do that then we’re doing our job.

Catherine Miller: Last question. Probably the most important questions. It’s very personal. What’s your favorite thing about working at the LIFT Office and how has it benefited you either personally or in your business?

Ryan Wilkerson: Well, I started working with REV Grow like I said in January and I was actually working from my house. Around month six, I started going a little cuckoo there for a little bit. Coming from graduating in December and going straight into being alone and working remotely. It played a toll. It definitely loved the flexibility part, but I found the LIFT Office and I got super excited. Just seeing that there’s the office feel, but you still have that remote flexibility. And so I think the best part of it is just being able to come into an office and work with like-minded individuals that are also working with different companies, different backgrounds, different histories and having that thought process.

It’s a really interesting experience that I’m not really experienced kind of like with college, but having that cohesive workspace, just having that collaboration, that networking, and just connecting with different people from different companies. It’s just a great feel. Coming to work is actually I enjoy it because there’s free coffee. But like I said, just having that collaborative work environment is the best part, but also having the remote flexibility to be able to come and go whenever I please, but still coming back into the office and seeing smiling faces everywhere and beautiful people everywhere.

Catherine Miller: We do. We have great members. It’s interesting though. The two main reasons, and I asked around, I was curious what drove most people to come to our flexible kind of work environment. The two reasons were either distractions or isolation, so you’re not at all alone. I think people get tired of being alone. Ryan, thanks for being a part of this today. I think I’m gonna let you close this out since you’re a Dj and you’re used to being in front of crowds and doing that. Once you just do that, exit for us.

Ryan Wilkerson: Well, if you’d like to see interviews like these, make sure you subscribe and we’ll see you next time.

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