Seven Reasons Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

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In 2016, Tom and Catherine Miller opened the first coworking and shared office space in Grapevine, Texas.  Their vision for the LIFT Office was to be a space where entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, and freelancers can work, connect, collaborate and grow.  

When the doors opened, few people in the area had heard of coworking or understood the shared space concept.  Fast-forward to 2019, when individuals have a better understanding of coworking and accept it in the marketplace. Business professionals realize the value of collaborative workspace.

After owning and operating the LIFT Office for three years, seven common reasons emerged as to why people choose flex/shared coworking office space over the traditional office options.

Connect with a Community of Professionals

Connections with others is a big reason why people choose to work in a communal space as opposed to working from home for free or renting a traditional office space.  There are common issues that business owners, freelancers and independent professionals face.  Being part of a community can provide expertise and experiences to help navigate decision points.

Removes Isolation

One of the top reasons independent professionals join a shared office space is due to isolation when officing from home. Working from a home office has its perks, but let’s face it, it can be lonely and stagnate productivity.  Research reveals that people who choose coworking feel they have more control over their work, that their work is more meaningful, and they value the community element of coworking.

Eliminates Home Distractions

It sounds like a time-saver to put the laundry in while working from home, yet many professionals find they are more efficient by being around other focused and productive people.  People discover they are more efficient when they bring their whole selves to work and leave home chores at home.

Creates Network and Business Connections

People tend to do business with people they know.  Coworking spaces open doors to share business connections and ideas.  Coworking members discover synergy in their business endeavors and choose to hire fellow member for specific projects.  There is also the opportunity for professional development and to meet potential clients in shared office environments.

Provides Privacy  

While working at home can be nice, sometimes your business and home life need to be separated. Losing the privacy of your home address is not an advantage.  Coworking offices typically provide a professional address and mail service for on-site members, and virtual memberships are often an option as well.  Look for the best option for your specific needs.

Increases Professional Image

Coworking spaces come with everything you need to get your work done, and most have conference rooms to meet your clients and your team. Research what is offered with the meeting room rentals.  Most come with high-speed internet, whiteboards, and either a Smart TV or projector.  Some coworking spaces provide Community Managers to greet you and your guests.

Flexes as Business Evolves

Another benefit is the flexibility of a coworking space which can scale up and down as your needs change.  Whether you suddenly need more facilities to match a peak in demand or to employ more staff to help you during busy times, coworking is flexible and can evolve as your office needs change.

The beauty of people who cowork is they can have substantial autonomy and a community where they can connect with like-minded businessmen and women. It gives people a place to focus and get their best work done. It also provides a professional atmosphere to meet clients and grow their business. The result is men and women who feel more committed to their work and bring their best energy and ideas each day.


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